Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

Beginners Guide to Keyword Research

Locating the right keywords and then creating great quality content for a website unlocks the greatest source of potential customers online. Ranking well in search engines requires the right keywords to be targeted and to then be included in your website’s content correctly. Finding the right keywords can be a very challenging concept and time consuming, but the benefits of doing this are enormous. There are a number of tools available online to find the right keywords, including Google Adwords and Wordtracker. Wordtracker offers a commercial license, the advantage of this, is that it identifies potential websites that candidate well for a link exchange. Google Adwords is free to use and you can include advanced filters on results for greater manipulation; such as filtering by country, year, broad matches and more.

Search Engine Optimisation ServicesThere are a variety of keyword tools available for users wanting to enhance their site’s SEO capabilities, the most notable is Google’s own Adwords Keyword Tool which is a free to use and can be extremely beneficial if you understand how to use it.

Following the guidance in the image below, try typing your keyword into Google and take note of the amount of results returned. This gives you a good indicator of the amount of competition for a given keyword. Try to find keywords that meet these criteria.


Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO as opposed to white hat SEO is where website owners try to purposefully trick Google, or another search engine, into thinking their site contains quality content… More often than not this is not the case. Google are constantly updating their search algorithms and penalizing sites that are not providing a good user experience for visitors. Examples of black hat techniques are keyword stuffing, where users with some experience in SEO research search terms that could rank well e.g. keywords with a high search volume, with a low competition, and then write articles that are filled with this keyword. Another example of a black hat technique was the purchasing of links to make your site seem like it had more authority. The recent Panda updates helped stop this from happening and penalizes sites which had undergone such a procedure.

Cloaking is the process of writing content that just a search engine bot would see; this is then styled so that it is invisible to human readers. This is against Google terms and conditions and can lead to a website being penalized and losing ranking altogether!

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