What is buttons-for-website.com

What is buttons-for-website.com


What is ‘buttons-for-website.com’ – ‘Semalt.com’ (semalt.semalt.com) and ‘buttons-for-website.com’ are affecting every webmasters website statistics on their Google Anayltics accounts. The sites, whilst not appearing malicious, send bots to your site; affecting your site with false positive visits and increasing bounce rate. Remove them from all your sites statistics using these simple filters.

They can be removed from your Google Analytic’s statistics by following these simple steps.



Log into Analytics and click on Admin – Select Filters


Select New Filter





When creating a new filter, give the filter name a identifiable name to easily recognize it should you need to modify it at a later date.

  • Change the Filter Type to Custom
  • Change the Filter Field to Referral
  • Add the semalt.com in the Filter Pattern
  • Repeat for buttons-for-website.com


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